It's about Time...

It is time to take that chance

 to run away from the darkness

from the shadows 

that bind up the night,

 We have the victory as we walk in the light of Jesus     
The darkness will always be there until the end....  

The evil one cannot haunt us anymore.


Let's run all the way...

 into the day,
where The Sun is beaming over the horizon, 

as it touches the green meadows 

drying the dew from the crisp mountain air...
there is that river who waters never die. 


It is time for us to be free

to abide in that forever grace
 if we are willing we will be clean...
Come out of those shadows that would cling to your soul. 

Come into the fullness of the Sun's rays.

 From the layers of white clouds in the sky, radiating down on you and I.
Come to the river and wash your soul
from the inside you will be cleansed and it will change you on outside
Let the Spirit flow like a sweet heavenly dove
filling the air with the sweet fragrance
of Majesty.
Forever forever forever let your glory fall upon me.

Show us y…

Are You Resisting Jesus?

At one time or another, I believe we have all experienced rejection in one way or another. It hurts to be rejected by those we love.  We have rejected someone intentionally or unintentionally, or been rejected by a friend, spouse, or family member.

     What I am thinking is, "how many times have we resisted and rejected Jesus? I cannot for the life of me comprehend how we can reject the lover of our soul and yet I know there  are times in my own life when I have rejected and resisted the Spirit of the Lord.  How can we resist the love of God our Father? How can we resist His Holy Spirit?

     He is the one who can save us from death and hell.  I know is I am just as guilty as the next person. I have made my mistakes, and rejected His love and resisted His grace.

     Why do we make things so difficult? The Word of God does say that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.

     Thank God He doesn't hold it against us!  When we totally give our hearts to Him, He doesn't hold…

Living Courageously

For many years, I lived paralyzed in fear.  Often times, I think about those times and I wondered "why?" because I really and truly did not want to live that way.  I wanted to live and have a full and happy life.  There are just some things I just didn't understand or have the answers. After 3 severe mental breakdowns, satan made sure that I had given up on moving forward. Just living from day to day seemed very difficult and tough to see the road ahead. I was unsure of which way to go.  It seemed as if that I could not rise above the cloudiness of life. As a result, I lived a very isolated and reclusive lifestyle. I resigned to a life of deep depression and loneliness. But still deep within me was a determination to keep going from day to day and not give up. I just knew that if I had a chance I would indeed take that chance. to rise up and out of my situation.

Finally, after many years of defeat, with the God Almighty's help, I was able to break through with God'…

Thank you God...for Healing Power!!

I want to take the time right now to thank God my Father. He could have took me out of this earthly life very easily in the last several weeks. I am thankful the doctors caught the pneumonia right in the nick of time.  Even though I did suffer for several days in the hospital and I was out of it for about a week out after that. I am praising the Lord that all my breathing tests came back clear!

There is a lot of people in the hospital, and some who have not even got there yet who are suffering from congestion, and bronchitis, flu and yes even pneumonia. 

I bring these people to your throne of Grace right now Jesus, in this time of need we ask You to step inside their bodies by the powerful presence of Your Holy Spirit bringing wholeness and healing.  Do not let those people  give up on life. so many think the flu season is a death sentence, it doesn't have to be that way in Jesus name! I bind the spirit of fear and sickness in the name of Jesus!!! Never let us forget that we are YOU…

God is a Box Breaker!!!

What would you pray if a person says that your prayers for them will only "hit the ceiling?" I tell ya friends, that takes the cake. I believe that tells people that they don't want your prayers, or it could mean that to not waste your time praying for them

I contemplated over this for several weeks.   When a person in your past crosses your mind you try to sort out the good memories and the bad and pray for their well being.  Well I was hurt when someone specifically told me this in the last several months. Of course you think about the friend from time to time trying to weigh in the balance the good and the bad times...

Today, I specifically heard the Lord speak to me about praying for people... See, some try to put God in a box saying "You can do this, but You cannot do that.  I will go to this church but I won't go to that church...  I will allow God to use me now but not then, there but not here,etc."  

God is a anywhere, anytime and any place God!...By h…

Are You a Complainer?

I learned alone time ago in my Christian walk not to complain. It gets us nowhere but seems to add to a person being that much more miserable and even unbearable to be around.  I think about how the children of Israel cried out for deliverance, and when the Lord did not do things the way they wanted they whined, moaned and complained and felt sorry for themselves.  

It just reminds me that so many Christians today do not sincerely appreciate and are thankful for what they have when they complain about every little thing. I find it very tough to pray for people who make it their mission to whine every little thing that is not right in their lives. It does not make me feel sorry for them or want to pray for them one little bit. That just might be the reason God does not hear their prayers

"Now when the people complained, it displeased the Lord; for the Lord heard it, and His anger was aroused. So the fire of the Lord burned among them, and consumed some in the outskirts of the camp. …

Open Arms

My Jesus  full of grace...
so full of hope you redeemed me 
that I may live for you
with all my heart.
You paid the price so high
upon the cross you died
 spilling your life-blood for me.
As I look upon you I see that love
I don't deserve...
I see such great sacrifice and truth
thank you Jesus for your awesome blood
You are a lamb so tender and so true

slain for the sins of the world.

Now nothing can tear me away from you...
you see me in Your secret place
drawing close to you 
you welcome me with open arms
please take control as I come near...
You shelter and protect me from harm
As I look upon your face

shining with amazing mercy and grace...

Never Too Late....

I remember a long time ago someone once told me that no matter what, to always get back up when you fall.  

No matter what you have done, no matter how low you have sank, it is never too late to place your hand in the nail scarred hand of Jesus Christ.

It's never too late to get back up and dust yourself off.

It's never too late to get back on the journey God has set you on.

It's never too late to go back to 'the cross' and give your heart totally to Him.

It's never too late to confess your sin and allow God to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

It's never too late to allow God to use you for His glory.

It's never too late to be sold out to God, and to fulfill the call of God upon  your life.

It doesn't matter who you are, or what you have done.

Don't give up, don't give in.  

Get up and draw even closer than you were to God than you ever have been. 

I really believe God sees our effort, sends the Holy Spirit to fill us, and help in leading us into …