Reach Out...

When it seems that life is not fair,
and all your hopes are down the drain.
When you faith seems weaker,
and your troubles BEYOND REPAIR.

HE will lift you up in His love,
He will wash you in His grace.
When you feel small,
He comes forth IN GREAT faithfulness.

He always sees you through,
thick or thin
more or less
small or large.

So when you think you've gone
beyond it all
reach out
and take hold
of a faithful GOD

Desert Valley

When my days seem beyond hope,
 my heart weighed down,
 in the deep valley. ~~~ I am weary,
 from dragging my lifeless body, 
through the draining desert.
Ahead the road is hard to see
 unable to find in the shifting sand.
Time stands still
situations seem the same
hopeless hearts sets in motion
faith has gone dead,
Is my whole life over?
~~~  GOD are you more like a mirage?
a fantasy?
Why can't I see to find YOUR guiding hand?.....

GOD will ALWAYS lead me to a sweet place of rest
 in a well watered garden, 
a paradise in the valley

There His grace will fall on me,
like mercy drops
from the sweet smell
of fresh rain
in Spring.

Don't lose faith,
hope and love....
HE is leading you
to sweet streams flowing
in clean mountain air,
for you are bound for....
The Promised Land

The Lord will guide you continually,     giving you water when you are dry     and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden,     like an ever-flowing spring.
Isaiah 58:11

Choose to BE A Winner!!!

Jesus came to give us a abundant and blessed life.  Why are there people in this world who are miserable with their lives and in a very unstable, mental mess and do not want a way out.  I can not understand why someone would want to stay sick?  I pray that you would be delivered by the words of this writing...that it would help and enable you to take that step of faith you know you need to make!

     There is hope for you to find the healing you are seeking from God.  Do you believe the report of the Lord, or the report of a doctor? God's Holy Word says that by the stripes of Jesus you have been delivered and been made whole.   Where is your hope based? My hope is in the resurrected Christ Jesus my Lord sitting at the right hand of our Father in heaven!  God raised Him from the dead, and my hope is in nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness that I "have been" forgiven and healed! If God has saved you from hell, would not He save you from your illness?


New Song...

You're so very real to me
much much more than I can see
always my strong arm
and You 
You're so very real
No more concealed
and so very real 
to me

Now I have come to tell you
with this Psalm
how He can be your strong arm
Even when it doesn't seem
you think he is there
he is right there
he is right there
so look back on your life and see
the things that were  the toughest then
and look on the way you've changed
sing a new song with me...
You are so very real to me
much much more than I can see
you have always been so strong
always my strong arm

because you

your so very real

no more concealed

and so very real

to me....

He Arose

He was my light in the darkness
when the night would never end
I set my eyes on Jesus
when the troubles would never end
then I remembered the night
how dark before Jesus came
just before the dawn
He arose
now Jesus
He is my life
He arose inside me
and knocked the darkness
Out like a light
He arose inside me
as Jesus my life
and now His life is my life
He was crucified on a cross
between two thieves
and put in a tomb
so that all could see
a death no pardon
He died on that tree
but then He arose
for you and me.
~~~~~~ He Arose
now Jesus
He is my life
He arose inside me
knocked the darkness
Out like a light
He arose inside  me
as Jesus my life
and now His light 
is my life
His light is now my life....

I Can Do All Things...

When the weight of the world
is heavy on your shoulders.
And the things of this life
are too hard to handle. Take a look at the WORD and don't say I can't.
With God as your witness
He'll  make you strong 
to take the test.


Because I can do all things,
through Christ who strengthens me.
I can take all things 
that the world
throws at me.
With God as my witness
I can stand faithfully.
If I trust in His WORD
then Christ
will strengthen me.
So you got chains on your feet
don't just stand there.
Stand up and shout
because you are free.
Take a look at his WORD
and don't say I can't.
With God has your witness
He'll make you strong
to take
the test.
I can do all things
through Christ who strengthens me.
I can take all things
that the world throws at me.
With God as my witness
I can stand faithfully.
If I trust in his word 
then Christ
will strengthen me

Soldier of The King

There I was,
afraid of the dark.
There I saw,
The way I was not.
But I am leaving that all behind...
leaving it all behind.
When the race is all but won
and I fall before the Son
He picks you up
He puts you back in place
You are His Soldier
and He is your race....
Jesus is our victory
the rock of our salvation
the cornerstone for you and me
so pick up the pieces and be strong
You are a child of the King.
Now I am royalty
not a common man as others sin
a priest of the Most High God
priest of the Most High God.
Come and bow
before His throne
Seek his glory but not your own
Jesus is our victory
the Rock of our salvation
the cornerstone for you and me
so pick up your pieces and be strong 
You are a soldier of the King
Soldier of the King

Suit Up Soldier of the King!!

I was talking to a good friend and spiritual mentor yesterday. He told me in not so many words that He didn't know how effective it would be to minister deliverance to people on the internet.  In my heart, I agree with him. 

Effective ministry needs to be face to face  and very vocal. Saying all this I had had several people on the internet confront me about being delivered from tormenting demons.   While I have compassion and know where they are coming from. All I can do is point them to the prayers on my blog and hope they will pray the prayers out loud. 

My prayer is that that would  learn to FIGHT the devil and his demons...submitting to God and resisting the devil and his demons and they will flee. As my old friend Doc once told me you must become a fighter if you want to see victory in your walk in Christ. or the devil will walk all over you!

If you pastor declines to help you and you cannot find a deliverance ministry in your area, you cannot take a passive stance with the for…

Step Back into the Light of God...

Whatever you do in your Christian walk, stay in the light of life of Jesus Christ, and do not turn your back on Abba God.   When you do, you put yourself in the devil's domain of deep darkness. There are all sorts of evil traps there that "look" appealing, but that will not be easy to defeat. God will not be there for you if you sell out to the devil, unless you get help and turn your heart back to Jesus Christ!!! The devil will ultimately destroy your body and soul if you go with him. He will take you to the deepest hell!!!  Do not allow satan to blind you, he is not your bestie!! As a Spirit filled believer in Jesus Christ, he is your greatest threat and the enemy of your soul!

 If you sell your soul to the devil you will regret it and be miserable. I'm sure there are Christians who have gotten hurt or abused and have turned to satan and his other worshippers. I pray Jesus draws you back by the power of His Spirit. I pray you experience His deliverance in Jesus'…